Nayamachi Shopping Arcade

Nayamachi Shopping Arcade is located in Fushimi, where the traditional atmosphere of its historical commercial district still remains.  For over 100 years, it has been known as Fushimi’s culinary heart and a thriving business centre.

History of FushimiIMG_6993_Fotor

Fushimi in Kyoto is famous as the castle town of Hideyoshi Toyotomi (a preeminent warrior and politician of the Sengoku period) with many traditional inns and sake warehouses.

Ever since Toyotomi’s era, Nayamachi Shopping Street has been known as Fushimi’s Kitchen.

Nayamachi is a town steeped in history with traditions dating back 400 years when Fushimi Castle was built. Nayamachi Shopping Street was established in 1909 as Nayamachi Shinshyoukai (Nayamachi Development Group), focused upon supporting entrepreneurs and promoting the latest fashions to help business flourish and continue its history as Fushimi’s Kitchen.

IMG_7014_FotorPresent day

Here at Nayamachi Shopping Street, we follow a strong ethos:

  • To provide a safe and enjoyable shopping experience with heartfelt hospitality.
  • To strive to make our town a place of sincerity and kindness.
  • By experiencing Nayamachi, we absorb the culture of Fushimi.

It is important to us that Nayamachi continues the legacy of Fushimi’s kitchen, enriching the lives of its residents and visitors.

What is a Shopping Street?

A shopping street is an area where many stores gather, much like a shopping arcade in the West.

Shopping streets typically feature general goods, food, clothes, restaurants, bars and many other types of establishments and stores. Historical shopping streets also feature many traditional drapery stores selling kimono.

At Nayamachi Shopping Street, you can find many kinds of restaurants, clothes shops and fresh fishmongers. Our most famous feature is our fine selection of traditional drapery stores.

Nayamachi Shopping Street Association
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