Brewers’ Daytime Event on March 23

March 23rd is a day that the town of Fushimi, Kyoto will turn into a sake festival town.   It is very recommended to visit Fushimi’s sake breweries that will be open to the public for excursion and tastings in the daytime and Nayamachi shopping arcade for food and more sakes in the night time.



富翁 春の新酒蔵出しまつり Tomio Kitagawa Honke

齊藤酒造2019年春蔵開き Eikun Saito Shuzo

日本酒まつり2019 in キザクラカッパカントリー Kizakura

キンシ正宗 春の蔵開き Kinshi Masamune

月桂冠酒蔵まつり Gekkeikan

招德酒蔵 蔵開き Shotoku Shuzo

玉乃光 Tamanohikari FESTA2019